Searching for Trucking Loads? NextLOAD Helps You Find the Right One for You!

Searching for great loads for truckers? At, you have plenty of options. Your FREE load board for truckers offers you many search options, including various filters, to find the exact kind of load that fits your trucking company’s needs. Think of it as total load customization.

Ready to find loads? Try these options:

  • Weight – Enter minimum and/or maximum weight
  • Length – Enter minimum and/or maximum equipment length
  • Distance – Enter minimum and/or maximum distance you want to travel
  • Minimum rate – Enter minimum dollar amount you need to haul a load
  • Key words – Enter “hotshot,” “tarps,” “chains,” etc. in “Comment Includes” field
  • Origin – Enter where you are starting the haul
  • Radius – Search for a load location around your origin or destination
  • Destination – Enter where you want to finish the haul
  • Equipment – Enter your equipment such as dry van, reefer, flatbed
  • Company type – Use drop-down menu to search for loads from brokers, shippers, 3PLs
The Trademark Apex Blue Cheveron

The Trademark Apex Blue Cheveron

Another NextLOAD perk in finding a load to haul is the Apex Capital blue chevron. If you see that trademark symbol next to a load, that means Apex add link here to factoring page on NextLOAD site has a credit rating with that broker or shipper. NOTE: Neal would like an Apex chevron icon in this text.

So, why wait any longer? Create your FREE NextLOAD user account now and start finding loads.