NextLOAD Tools Make Trucking So Much Easier

Tools make a trucker’s life easier. At NextLOAD, your FREE load board, we have tools designed to do just that. We know that truckers and trucking companies could use a little help on the road.

The Trademark Apex Blue Chevron

The Trademark Apex Blue Chevron

Another NextLOAD perk in finding a load to haul is the Apex blue chevron. If you see that trademark Apex blue chevron symbol next to a load, that means Apex has a credit rating with that broker or shipper. Plus, if you become an Apex factoring client, you get unlimited credit checks on brokers and shippers. You can see credit lines and your history with each broker and shipper. You will be able to run or refresh a credit check right in NextLOAD!

The Apex TCS Fuel Card

The Apex TCS Fuel Card can get you big fuel discounts at more than 1,000 in-network locations. These discounts are better than cash and credit, and you pay $0 transaction fees on fuel purchases! Also, a fuel card gives trucking company owners control over fuel expenses by setting dollar limits on purchases and products. And fuel cards give you great reporting features that make filing your quarterly IFTA report a breeze. With the Apex TCS Fuel Card, you get digital real-time account management, 24/7 updates, and a free mobile app.

The FREE Apex Fuel Finder

When you become an Apex factoring client, you can find fuel along your route with the FREE Apex Fuel Finder. The Apex Fuel Finder is designed to help you control fuel costs by allowing you to see fuel prices at truck stops near you or along any route.

The Saved Searches Feature

As a NextLOAD user, you can keep “My Top 5 Searches” up for the lanes that you want to run. NextLOAD will always alert you as new loads become available. After you enter a search – filling in origin, destination, etc. – go ahead and click on the “Save Search” and “Pin to Top 5” buttons. And voila! You can readily see how many loads match your search criteria.

All these great tools are waiting for you. Create your FREE NextLOAD user account now and make your trucking life much easier on the road.